Manish K. 2/7/16

I went to California Billiard Supply to buy my first cue. Randy was amazing at explaining me about the various cues he got there. He let me test several cues, telling me the features of each. The pricing was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to start playing pool.

Bob F. 2/3/16

Wow… They removed and completely refurbished my over-sized pool table and it is BEAUTIFUL !!! Alex, their “muscle man” navigated it from an upstairs bonus room through a narrow hall then down a flight of stairs with a 90 degree bend about mid way and then back up again without a mark on any wall … [Read more…]

Don D. 2/17/16

These guys are awesome. They worked with us to find the perfect table for our budget. They were super friendly and helpful throughout our process.  Delivery was on time and quick and we’ve been enjoying our table ever since. Great place and people!!!!

Clay C. 1/3/15

We had our pool table moved out of storage where it had been stored for a few years. The crew that moved it and set it up were amazing and very exacting.  The table had some damage but they cleaned up the table and ensured that it was as level and accurate as new.  They … [Read more…]

Charles F. 1/22/15

For a number of years, I’ve been lugging around a terribly damaged Dufferin Silver Leaf with blue and white inlays. It was my first cue and I was a little sentimental about it. I had accidentally left it in the trunk of a car in Mojave, CA over a summer while I deployed overseas for … [Read more…]

Eric A. 9/2/15

This place is great. The staff are highly knowledgeable and super friendly. No looking down the nose here. Ruben helped me find the right kind of shaft to help with my near-to-absent draw, and then custom made one to attach to my existing cue–an option that was much less expensive than buying a new cue! … [Read more…]

Ashley M. 8/25/15

A group of us friends started off by purchasing some cue’s from here. The cashier named Cueben or Ruben, seemed to be of excellent service to us. He offered great advice and tips for the all around pool experience. We then went on to purchase a pool table of our own and refurbished it all … [Read more…]

Chris S. 12/16/2013

Brought my cue in for a new tip.  The cue in general need some tlc.  I tend to get angry at the other cue sticks in the house when I miss a shot and my cue takes the brunt of the pain.  Anyway, re-tipped, re-ferreled, and re-mastered, it feels like new. Also, I was breaking … [Read more…]

Rob E. 2/27/2013

Off the charts! I went in to purchase a shorty and came out with such a great deal that I had to write a review. First off, the gentleman who helped me took the time to explain cue sticks, chalks, felt, cleaners, tip repair, upkeep, and alot of other things regarding billiards. I ended up … [Read more…]

Terry B. 3/6/2013

I would give 10 stars if possible… Jerry team showed up on time and ready to work… I have a Diamond Paragon which has 24 stainless steel slate levelers… The table is a little different than the norm… Subsequently I was not going to let anyone come and replace my table and rail cloth… They … [Read more…]