Ashley M. 8/25/15

A group of us friends started off by purchasing some cue’s from here. The cashier named Cueben or Ruben, seemed to be of excellent service to us. He offered great advice and tips for the all around pool experience. We then went on to purchase a pool table of our own and refurbished it all by ourselves. We bought all new side rails from Alex & Jerry who assisted us with attaching the felt to the rails. VERY hard workers and funny guys. They gave us great deals and it is without a doubt the coolest environment to get any pool supplies that you are looking for. I vote for Alex 🙂 ! They also provide tips on how to play pool accurately & efficiently. We spend so much time returning to the store to purchase new items as our level of experience increases. They have custom tables like no others out there. As well as, supplies that you will need for the long run. Each time you stop by California billiard supply there is always the newest stock of items to purchase. Try it for yourself & you too will see what I mean!