Eric A. 9/2/15

This place is great. The staff are highly knowledgeable and super friendly. No looking down the nose here. Ruben helped me find the right kind of shaft to help with my near-to-absent draw, and then custom made one to attach to my existing cue–an option that was much less expensive than buying a new cue! (And it works beautifully.)

INSTRUCTION, TOO. As luck would have it, I went in when their in-house instructor (Joe Salazar) was there. Man, he was super. I’ve had lots of good players observe my cueing motion, trying to find out why I was all but totally unable to draw the ball. Each of them helped a bit. But Joe identified a hard-to-spot flaw that no one else ever saw!  (I was following through, but slowing down as I did so. So I had the brakes on!) Amazing. After weeks of frustration, suddenly I’m drawing the width of the table! HE GIVES LESSONS on Saturdays (by appointment) between 11 and 3. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.