Dan S. 9/25/2015

I started coming here after deciding to start playing in a league, and had done a little bit of homework online.  I had a marginal idea of what I was looking for but wasn’t sure if I’d get a cue I’d like without knowing what to feel for.

Arrived out front and the building is small, nondescript, hole-in-the-wall sort of thing, which really had me second guessing if I should shop here.  The reviews seemed good though, and I figured a look wouldn’t hurt.  So glad I did!

Walked in, Reuben said hello, checked if I Needed anything, but I declined at the time.  In my head I was just looking.  After walking around some, he checked in again and we got on discussing my needs and budget.   He pulled 3 cues off the wall and gave me an overview of each, pros/cons, and offered a table to give each of them a try until I felt I could tell what I liked.  As you might expect, I picked up a cue I felt good with and have been off and running!

Since then I’ve been back several times with more questions and always gotten straight, reliable information.  Rubens been awesome every time and very patient, helping me feel the difference in things myself vs trying to just sell or cram info.  Fantastic service at this place and prices are reasonable.  Yea, if you dig online you probably could knock off a few bucks, but I’m more than happy to pay for service this good.  Guy knows his stuff and makes each visit worth your while.

Will be coming here for the foreseeable future, give this place a shot if you’re a vet or just getting started.  They do full cue service, upgrades, accessories, you name it.