Tommy V 1/12/2017

For the past few days my interest in pool had come back to me, and I wanted to get back into the game. I had spent countless hours researching cue ball techniques, which type of pool cue to get as far as weight and grip and tips are concerned. I had purchased a pool cue online, but it just didn’t seem right, even though my intentions were to avoid going to a shop and be up sold on “stuff” I don’t actually need. I have had a pool cue for around 11 years, but had barely been used. It was a gift ,but had a bend in the shaft, and the quality of the shaft wasn’t as exquisite as a $200 cue.

So today I decided to go in with the intention of only getting a new tip and getting the shaft straightened out. I knew I was going to get up sold on something because its a business and thats how most business function these days, so I was prepared to say no to a bunch of “stuff” offered to me. I walked in and was greeted, and told him my situation. Immediately he took a look at my pool cue, and saw that it was a cheaper model, but instead of telling me what to get, he complimented my cues best assets, and told me to stick with what I have for now, and to just replace the shaft. He showed me countless examples of how one cue differs from the next, he showed me the science and technology going into the new cues and why they are so much better, yet he was content on me keeping what I had and to keep practicing until it was time for me to step up a notch.

After screwing the new shaft for me, he took me to another room which had a pool tables with balls and showed me tips and tricks, he showed me why the shaft performed better, he showed me why the new tip that came with the shaft was better. He then allowed me to stay in the room by myself and play against another person who was already there.

I was not expecting my experience to go as well as it did, the man helping me was very knowledgeable and seemed to enjoy explaining every detail to me, and I was not bored in fact it made me want to play even more and get better so I could come back and invest in my skills that I will be working on.

I highly recommend this place to any beginner thats like me, or even intermediate or experienced players. Overall, had a fantastic experience and will definitely be back!