Beverly A. 5/25/2017

Bought a cheap pool table on Craigslist and went to this store to find a brush to clean the felt since Sears and Big 5 did not have good reviews for their billiards accessories. We ended up buying all the accessories we needed since the price was lower that what I researched online and they also had everything. We ended up getting a vinyl pool table cover, beautiful pool sticks, a cheater stick, a cue tip scuffer,  chalk holder, a composite triangle, brass holder for the triangle, wall rack to hold the pool sticks, a measles cue ball, and the brush.

Ruben’s customer service was absolutely phenomenal, he is a very good listener and did not try to push any sale. He answered all my dumb questions and thoroughly explained everything so that we could make an informed decision on each of our purchase. He explained the differences in the quality of the pool sticks, balls, and pool covers and what makes them better and which is recommended. We even got to test some sticks out in the beautiful tables in the shop. He gave us some shooting tips & tricks and educated us on some pool theory that blew my mind and made me want to step my game up and read some books.

We will definitely come back to get our balls shinned, cues re tipped, and one day get the more expensive sticks, a bag for the sticks, a break cue, the best ball set and possibly a new table or felt repaired. They also teach lessons which I think would be a really fun. As for price, everything we purchased was affordable and better than buying online. Cash is preferred. Also I wish I would have brought my balls and shitty sticks to get them cleaned and repaired.