Mari 8/4/19

We are so happy! The purchase and installation of our pool table definitely exceeds our expectations. When we were searching for a pool table to match our budget and style, we didn’t realize we’d be walking into a professional, caring, and sincerely passionate family establishment that’s been in business for many, many years. Ruben had said several times that they care about the service they provide because they want their customers to be totally satisfied. Ruben doesn’t just answer questions… he helps us to “understand” the correct information and encourages us to call anytime we have questions or concerns. He builds trust very easily, ensuring that we get exactly what we together had figured out it is that we actually wanted. They allow you to try different accessories and they take the time needed to go over everything. Our table included any color felt, a deluxe pool kit, a free lesson for the both of us, free delivery, free installation, and free lifetime leveling. Jerry the installer was very friendly and careful. He measured and discussed everything with us, laid protective blankets down and was very careful with the wood and slate pieces. Bottom line Jerry made sure we received a very beautiful, LEVEL table. You guys are so impressive with the way that you do business! We know we got very lucky choosing you all!