Jamison B. 2/7/2014

Went in on a rainy afternoon to look for a pool cue. I was enthusiastically greeted by Reuben who showed me several sticks within my price range. I told him I was looking for a 19 oz cue stick as I wanted to get back into billiards, a hobby that I enjoyed back in my college days. He patiently explained to me that all of their cues could be modified to whatever weight I wanted and they would do so for free. I recommended a few sticks, of which I was able to hit a few balls with in their back room. I went with a $110 Action cue that was tapered to pro standards, and also got a case and a shaping tool for the tip.

Reuben had to step away for a bit and I was then being taken care of by Jerry. He made conversation about shooting pool, and was just as friendly and welcoming as Reuben. You could tell that these guys are passionate about what they do, and I had to problem spending money with them rather than buying online. Jerry knocked $10 off the case and $3 off the shaping tool. The price for everything including tax was going to be around $160, but Jerry said that if I paid cash, he’d knock it down to $145. Sweet! I went to the ATM, came back, and for a bonus Reuben threw in some free chalk!

On the way out I was told that I could come back anytime for free weight adjustments and for shaft maintenance. Jerry also took the time to show me how to maintain my cue tip with the shaper.

I would definitely recommend these guys for their passion, service, and for supporting local businesses.