AJ B. 4/21/2013

More than just pool tables. If your a pool geek like me, and you’re into gear, this is the place. I went to check this place out based on other good reviews. They have some quality cues on display and other various pool accessories. Jerry, or J.R., is a cool dude. He wasn’t pushy like a used car salesman. He’s just a billiards enthusiast who is passionate about the game and gets to work on it for a living. I got to try out a few cue sticks for feel, which is really rare to do. Go into any pool hall and if they got cues for sale (usually a tiny selection), the most you can do is feel the weight. Maybe roll it on the table and that’s it. I wasn’t rushed into buying a cue right then and there. I was able to get a good idea of what I want when I’m ready. Plus, if they don’t have the one you want on hand, they can order it or find it for you.
Ended up just getting a cool looking “Outlaw” cue case (at a great price), some chalk and a tip shaper, for now. Definitely coming back here, on the next paycheck, for a new pool cue.