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We constantly change our inventory as we sell more cues to league, tournament and local players, which makes it difficult to show on our website the active inventory. What we can say is that we always have at least 50-100 NEW cues in stock and that if you come into our store you may try ALL of our cues on a demo table. We encourage you to try out different shafts that we have in stock so that you may compare the feel of different brands.

We have the largest selection of NEW and USED, including some vintage/rare cue sticks in the Bay Area (this includes allot of vintage used cue sticks).  Come in and check out our retail shop in Campbell or call to schedule an appointment to see some of our stored vintage cues. If you are looking for a one hundred year old Willie Hoppie, a custom or simply looking for that one of a kind, hard to find cue.. call us, describe what it is you are looking for and we will find it! Here is a list of our top cues that we carry and PLEASE scroll down to the bottom of the page to see our entire list of cues and makers!

– Predator (We have limited edition Revo cues)
– Poison
– Mezz
– Players
– Rage
– XHT PureX
– Mcdermott
– Fury
– Meucci
– Jacoby
– Joss
– Lucasi
– Scorpion
– Blade
– Cuetech
– Action
– Schon
– Voodoo
– Viking
– Griffin
– Athena
– Adam
– Miscellaneous CUSTOMS 
and many more…  just call us for more information at 1-408-559-6002 

We also do custom engraving!



COME IN AND VISIT US AT OUR NEW RETAIL STORE IN CAMPBELL, CA just down the street from the most recent Len’s Billiard location!!




2395 South Bascom Ave. #2, Campbell, CA 95008

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Cue Stick Cuemakers

5280 Pool Cues – 5,280 feet above sea level – that’s exactly one mile high. It also represents the level of quality of 5280 pool cues: A mile above the competition.

A & D Billiards Cues (United Kingdom) – We produce hand made cues, produced from only the very best materials and finest sourced exotic timbers, at prices to suit all. These cues come in a variety of lengths, weights, and tip sizes, to suit each individual customer.

Abear Creations – Our mission is to produce quality one of a kind product for our customers. Steve Hebert has been building cues for the public since 1991 and proudly maintains the quality and usability of each cue.

Acuerate (Belgium) – The straightest shooting snooker, pool, and carom cues in the world. (Chinese, English)

Adam Cue Company, The – For over 35 years, has been making the finest cues in the World. The only manufacturer and distributor of the Adam, Balabushka and Helmstetter Cue lines.

Adam Franks Custom Cues – Feel the difference. Each cue is one of a kind.

Adam Smith Signature Cues – Pursuit of perfection.

Adam, Japan (Japan) (Japanese)

Adcock Cues

Advanced Accuracy Cues – J. Michael Durbin has teamed up with Mark Wilson to craft a cue that is designed to out perform anything on the market.

AE Custom Pool Cues – Artistic engineering. Known for multi-level inlays with thin outlines, as well as inlaid ring work.

Alcalde Billiard Cues (Spain) – Jewels to play billiards. (Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish)

Anglin Cues – I specialize in shaft construction and cue maintenance.

Arch Fine Cues (United Kingdom) – Bespoke cues made from the finest materials including gold and silver. Made for you to express your personality and individuality.

Arnot Q Custom Cues – Maker of fine custom pool cue sticks. Arnot is a master cue maker having made hundreds of pool cues for over a decade. Don’t pick just any cue maker…pick the best.

Arthur Queue (Germany) (English, German)

Astral Cues (Turkey) (Turkish)

Auerbach Custom Cues – Founded in 1994 by Jim Auerbach, we are backed with 10 years of billiard industry experience. We provide top-notch custom cue making & cue repair, great customer support, and prices that can’t be beat.

Aussie Bush Cues (Australia) – Handcrafted from beautifully grained Australian Eucalypts these cues not only play solid and true every time but also feature a variety of the most uniquely designed cue handles ever seen.

AV Custom Cues (Spain) – My custom cues are built with exotic woods (cocobolo, bocote, curly maple, Ebony,Amboyna Burl …) and Canadian hard maple for shafts,

Axiom Cues – Extensive research has gone into presenting the finest quality billiard cue at an affordable price.

B & W Billiards and Snooker Services Limited (United Kingdom) – Spectacular, hand made cues, produced from only the very best traditional materials, at prices to suit every pocket. These cues come in a variety of lengths, weights, and tip sizes.

Baker Custom Cues – Individually crafted by Buddy Baker. Each cue is constructed with elite craftsmanship meeting exact standards to produce superior quality. These cues offer a high level of playability consistently providing a hit that is truly remarkable.

Barenbrugge Cues – When creating new designs for my cues I like to spend long periods of time alone. Sometimes just relaxing in my shop looking at the different exotic wood’s natural grain will give me ideas on how to use it in a cue.

Barioni Cues – Custom cue builder since 2003.

Barringer Custom Handcrafted Cues – Maker of fine custom pool cues, billiard cues, shaft wood, domestic and exotic wood, and custom cue building lathes & inlay machines.

Barry Cameron Custom Cues – Custom pool cues, made for the player of the sport. We take your game as seriously as you do. Experience and service since 1996.

Barry L Moore Custom Cues – Barry’s passion for cuemaking and striving to create the perfect cues is not an understatement. Tediously honing his craft for the benefit of the players game is Barry’s style.

BCM Custom Cues – A cuemaker’s blog

BCN Cues (Spain) – The experts at Castello have exclusively designed and fabricated billiard cues since 1925. (English, Spanish)

BD Cues and Comix – Strives to provide cues that are unique in design, visually appealing and have the great playability you expect from quality, custom made cues. The home of Underground Comix Art Cues.

Bebot Bautista Custom Cues (Philippines) – Every cue is guaranteed to be made by Bebot Bautista preserving his own quality and style. Cues are made by hand whenever possible, with designs and specifications exactly how you want it.

Benson Cues – Our goal is to make you a cue that fits you and your game, feels good, looks good and will last for many years.

BG Custom Cues – Custom cues by Bernie Garma. Offers custom cues with a variety of exotic hardwoods. All BG cues are made with an emphasis on functionality and suited to your playing style and preference.

Biaoli (China)

Billy Webb Custom Pool Cues – After operating out of both Seattle and Houston, Bill returned home to Arkansas in 1999 where he produces around 30 cues per year. These are divided between butterfly and six-point cues.

Black Boar Custom Cues – The purpose of the Black Boar Custom Cues site is to offer a different perspective on the sport of billiards in an attempt to re-educate the world. (English, Japanese)

Black Heart Cues – Custom pool cues by Jerry Eick.

Black Mesa Custom Cues – Custom cues by Kyle Josefy. Contact us for quality custom-made cue sticks, cue stick repair, cleaning and refinishing.

Blaze Cues – Produce a fresh line of bright and attractive pool cues. The Blaze Color Line is innovative for the sleek design and bright colors of each pool cue.

Bludworth Originals – Leonard Bludworth. I have retired from cuemaking. I’ve left examples of my work up for archive purposes.

Blue Grass Cues – Handcrafted cues by Richard and Donna Harris. I have played pool for over 30 years, made a living playing pool for 8 years and have been making cues since 1990. I know what a cue is supposed to do. My goal is to make the best playing cue ever made.

Bob Harris Custom Cues – I have been an avid pool player for over 30 years and a cue collector/dealer for over 20 years. I began building my own cues in early 2000. I build less that 10 cues per year.

Bob Meucci Customs – Introducing a new line of cues, some of them limited editions, designed by Bob Meucci. Direct to the player who wants something special.

Bob Renis Custom Cues – Build a dream…unique and distinctive. A skillful blend of quality workmanship, durability, style, and beauty–perfect for the serious player or collector.

Bobby Hunter Custom Cues

Brady Custom Cues – Full service pool cue repair and restoration. Hand built custom cues to your specifications. Custom airbrushing.

Break Point Ques – Understands what pool players are looking for in a quality cue. Having built custom cues for the past 19 years I have engineered a cue that can greatly improve your pool game.

Brianna Custom Cues – Creates custom cues as well as billiard products for the local cue makers and billiard players.

Brunswick Cues

Buddy Hall Derby Cues – Made in the USA to Buddy’s exacting standards.

Bunjee Billiards – Original style Bunjee Jump Cues and Jump-Break Cues are readily available in the USA. The maker of the world’s best jump cues is here to stay.

Burroughes & Watts (United Kingdom) – Specialists in antique & restored tables, hand-made & custom-built cues.

Butch’s Cue Corner – Custom cues made to your specifications by Butch Laughlin.

Canis Cues (Japan) (Japanese)

Capone Custom Cues – Sought after by collectors and players alike. Mike Capone is one of the finest custom pool cues in the billiard industry.

Carboncues.com (United Kingdom) – One-piece composite cues.

Carolina Custom Cues – Founded by a team of people passionate about billiards and making a difference in the sport. Our team includes experienced craftsmen, pool players and business professionals. Together we are a small entrepreneurial team dedicated to serving our customers.

Cash Custom Pool Cues and Knives – Cash pool cues and knives are handcrafted, one of a kind articles. They are not CNC cut or mass produced. You can be assured the piece you purchase will be unique.

Cem – Cue und Billardservice (German)

Chad Norberg Custom Cues – Original designs, maintenance, and repairs. Home of the X-Factor jump cues.

Challenger Cues – A new line of cues launched by World Champion & Hall of Fame legend Loree Jon Jones. Developed to offer high-quality cue sticks at affordable prices for players of all skill levels.

Cherokee Cues – I do everything by hand, so I don’t need a lot of room. All my cues are turned 9 to 10 times over a period of 14 months to lessen the chances of warping. Come on in and look around. Hopefully you will find something you like.

Chris Byrne Custom Cues – Uniquely crafted by Chris Byrne of Englewood, Colorado. Our cues appeal to players of all levels. The unique designs have caught the attention of cue collectors across the country.

Chris’ Cues by Chris Whitaker – Each cue is different. No stain is used on the cues; nothing compares to the natural beauty of the exotic hardwoods used.

Clements Custom Cues – My custom cues are built with the finest woods and materials from around the world.

CMC Cues – Custom cues by Cameron Matthys.

Cognoscenti Custom Cues – Precision billiard instruments.

Coker Cues – Matador Custom Cues – Offers custom cues from custom cue maker Tom Coker – Matador Custom Cues is the largest worldwide Coker Cues dealer

Concept Cues – The Concept Cue line is a company formed by players who are now bringing their knowledge and passion for the game into creating high performance cues with superb craftsmanship.

Corsair Custom Cues – Handcrafted custom cues and repairs since 1968.

Coutts Cues (United Kingdom) – Skillfully crafted handmade cues. We are a small family run business, that to the best of our knowledge are the only tradesman left in this country that makes his cues totally by hand.

Cox Cues – Cues by Randy Cox.

Craftsman Cues (United Kingdom) – Specialist cue makers to the professionals for over 25 years.

Crown Cues – Gene LaViness wanted his cues to look a little different, so he came up with the crown design when he first started building cues. All pool cues (except one) have the crown design somewhere on them.

Cue Craft of England (United Kingdom) – Our workshops are situated in the North of Nottinghamshire England in the Historic Sherwood Forrest. The area is particularly renowned for its tradition in craftsmanship, particularly timber products.

Cue International (United Kingdom) – The world’s finest billiard accessories. Superior “Hi-Tech” graphite construction for ultimate performance and durability.

Cue Masters, The – Haskin & Haskin – Here on our website you will find a collection of photos of our custom cues and our cue making process, a selection of the different materials that are available for use in your custom cue, bios of our sponsored players such as Stefano Pelinga, and more.

Cues by Dave Sucher – Cues of distinction. Custom cues made to your specifications or choose from my gallery of ready-to-ship handcrafted cues. Domestic or imported exotic woods and inlays are available including legal ivory.

Cuetec – The next dimension in cues.

CW Custom Cues – We make custom cues out of the finest exotic woods available. Our cues are made one at a time no production cues here.

CWY Custom Cues – Cues by Tyrel McNatt.

Dale Perry Custom Cues – We take quality very seriously at DP Custom Cues. Every cue is built one at a time and is only handled by two people. If a cue is not right we don’t sell it……….period.

Dan DiCola Custom Cues

Dan Dishaw Cues – Dan makes about 100 cues a year in the shop he has built under his music store. Dishaw Custom cues are indefinitely guaranteed against construction defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse.

Dan Trogdon Custom Cues – Quality pool cues at reasonable prices (see our online cue catalog). Also selling ivory, cue parts, joint protectors, tip shaper, repairs of all kinds.

Dana Cues – One of a kind cues designed by master cuemaker Dana Drew. Every cue built is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Dana will not allow any cue to leave the shop if it doesn’t meet his personal standards.

Dave Jones Custom Cues – I have been making cues for seven years and my long term goal is to retire from the water district were I currently work and make cues full time. I’m working hard to build a reputation of customer satisfaction, fine workmanship and playability.

Dayton Cues – A well established custom pool cue maker. Paul Dayton designs unique, one of a kind custom pool cues, from its cue tip to choosing just the right exotic wood.

DB Custom Cues (Canada) – Custom cues & repairs by Don Broos.

Denali Pool Cues – Hand crafted professional quality cues. Custom hand made billiard pool cues of the highest quality and very best prices.

Dennis Dieckman, Cue Builder – All cues are one-of-a-kind and will never be duplicated.

DeRoo Cues (Canada) – Since 1988 Kevin Deroo has been professionally producing snooker and pool cues of the highest standard, made of quality hardwoods from around the world.

Dick Neighbors Custom Cues – Quality built and repaired custom cues by Dick Neighbors, for the serious pool player and cue stick collector.

Dime Custom Cues – Designing cues is our passion, and David Brown is constantly amazing everyone with his exceptional technical skills and masterful design embellishments. He is out in the shop on the lathe most days and his impressive line of custom cues continues to grow.

Diveney Custom Cues – Offers the best materials, the finest craftsmanship and a high attention to detail in every cue I make. No cue leaves my shop that my hands have not spent hours machining, polishing, and dressing to perfection.

Dixie Rebel Cues – Be a part of Southern history, heritage, tradition, and pride.

Dominiak Custom Cues – Custom built cues by William Dominiak.

Donnelly Custom Cues – We are detail oriented and meticulous in our quality work. It is because of this that our sticks sell out as soon as they are made. Stop by our shop to see and try out our sticks, you will not be disappointed.

Doublel (Italy) – Thirty years of experience in prestigious billiard cue manufacture. (English, Italian)

Downey Custom Cues – Since 1987, Troy Downey has been rebuilding and restoring custom billiard cues. And he has developed his skill in that venue. Through that experience,he has cultivated his cue making skills.

Dr. Popper Jump Q by Mark Dimick – The best dedicated jump cue. Handcrafted in USA. Jump from less than an inch away. Used in ESPN Trick Shot Magic.

Dragon Cues (Wales) – Makers of top quality pool cues and snooker cues, endorsed by pool champions worldwide. Specialists in custom pool cue and snooker cue manufacture.

DS Custom Cues – The collaboration of Mark DeCaire and Jeff Schelin. We specialize in one-of-a-kind custom cues using the highest quality hardwoods from around the world.

Dunns Cues – We provide world class quality hand made snooker cues. All our cues are well balanced and you will feel great playing with it.

Dzuricky Custom Cues – I only make 35 – 45 cues each year. Most are per customer request so I rarely have extra
cues available for sale “off the rack”.

East Coast Cues – Fine handcrafted pool cues by William Haskins.

Edwin Reyes Custom Handcrafted Cues (Philippines) – Edwin makes less than 30 one of a kind pool cues per year. He takes enough time to make sure that every cue performs the highest playability and state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

Efremov Cues (Russia) – Cues by Alexander Efremov. We would be pleased to speak with you about manufacturing the cue of your dreams. We are sure that those who are fond of billiards will play with our cues for years and really enjoy them. (English, Russian)

Elephant Sticks – The ultimate in quality construction at an unbeatable price, the Elephant Stick is a 100% Canadian Maple 2-piece cue with our trademarked Fiber-silk shaft.

Equalizer Pool Cue (Australia) – Custom made pool & snooker cues. The Equalizer is a hand spliced cue with a rosewood butt and ash shaft. They have been endorsed by Jason “Tornado” Twist.

Ernie Martinez Custom Cues – Ernie specializes in one-of-a-kind custom cues made of hardwoods, ivories, metals and stones. He refuses to use any plastics or alternate substances.

Erwin Custom Cues – Cues by Mike & Scott Erwin. The most exquisite cues in the industry combined with exceptional quality and personal customer service. Who would want anything else?

eSBee Creations (France) – eSBee Creations is manufacturing billiard and pool cues. Brand names are Stradivarius and eSBee. (Dutch, English, French)

Espiritu Custom Cues – Russ Espiritu has been building custom cues since 1984. He uses only the finest woods and materials in his cues. Most Espiritu cues are one of a kind and very special.

Eurowest Custom Cues (Germany) – Since 1994, has been producing true one-of-a-kind custom cues which are known for their excellent playability, quality and design. (English, German)

Evans (United Arab Emirates) – Handcrafted cuesport products in finest quality. (English, French, German)

Falcon China (Chinese)

Falcon Pool Cues and Pool Cue Accessories – Choice of champions

Famiglietti Custom Cues – Custom cues made to order.

Fisher Cues – Playability, affordability, customability.

Fit Custom Cues (Philippines) – Billiard cue of high-quality homemade by workman in the Philippines.

Foster Cues (Canada) – Custom pool cue designs by Doug Foster.

Frankie Doodle Custom Cues – Frankie Doodle’s Sneaky Petes and break cues are all custom built to the buyer’s specifications. We can cut down a new house cue or build onefrom scratch.

Frenzy Sports – We manufacture professional-quality college logo 8-ball sets, cue balls (sold separately), cue sticks and dartboard accessories.

Frog Jump Cue, The – Robin Dodson’s jump-break cue.

Fury Cues – Produces high quality custom pool cues in a wide range of styles. Fury Cues have been used by many notable professionals including Kelly Fisher and Rodney Morris. Fury has a quality cue for any budget.

Gardner Billiards Company – See the different services offered by GBC along with some examples of custom cues built by us. Don’t forget to check out the section on cues for sale and the billiard accessories available from us.

Gary’s Custom Cues – Gary Johnson is a custom cue maker whose home is nestled in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of North Central Arkansas

Gator Cues USA – Graphite cues.

Gatzke’s Custom Cues – Custom pool cues hand crafted one at a time with care and precision by Mike Gatzke. Nothing but the best can become a Gatzke custom cue.

G-Cues Custom Pool Cues – We build custom pool cues. Right here in our shop, each cue is an original, one-of-a-kind.
They will never be reproduced. Many are signed and hand numbered under the bumper.

Gem Cues – Built “the old-fashioned way”, no computerized equipment. Points are short spliced with a variety of hardwoods and veneers inlayed in each one.

Gilbert Cues – Cues with beauty and playability.

Giroux Cues

GLD Products Inc. – Cues

Glover Cues (Northern Ireland) – The custom built cue and leather case specialists.

Gold Rush Custom Cues – Custom cues by Kevin McClain.

Gracio Custom Cues – Custom cues by Scott Gracio. Here in the Gracio shop I take cue building seriously. My cues are high quality customs built completely by me.

Grafex Cues by Palko (Australia) – Combine style, quality and performance to produce a truly magnificent product. Grafex is the trusted name in graphite cues. The Grafex range features stylish designs, and utilises the latest in graphite cue technology.

Gravity Cue (United Kingdom) – The most accurate, player friendly, technically advanced, legal cue ever produced. Technology in the palm of your hand.

Green Baize Ltd Cues (United Kingdom) – Our very own range of cues, handmade in Thailand to the highest standards.

Green Shark Billiards – Don’t let the competition be one up on you. Be one of the first to own the new Green Shark Hamma’ Head Break Cue.

Greg’s Kues – Using the best materials available and my knowledge of machining, I am able to produce approximately 10-15 cues per year, all of which are hand made. These cues are designed by me and sold locally at very reasonable prices.

GS Cues – Individually crafted by Greg Sirca. Greg now builds about 50 cues a year as a full-time profession. He is
pleased to be able to combine two enjoyable hobbies: playing the game of nine ball and building cues.

Guido Orlandi Cues – Born with the belief that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great-playing pool cue. And
that’s exactly what we do – build great playing pool cues.

Gulyassy Custom Cues – Offers custom cues, cue repairs, and billiard accessories.

Gunn-McEniry Cues – Master pool cue makers Wayne Gunn and Terry McEniry. We make no two alike in looks but all our cues are slight forward balanced naturally and solid hit. Break and shoot with the same cue. You won’t put it down.

Haag Cues (Sweden) (Swedish)

Hammer Custom Cues – Custom cues made by a player for a player. A family based business. Established in 1999, I have spent the last 8 years perfecting the cue building process.

Hanshew Custom Cues – Owned and opererated by James Hanshew.

Hao Han Industrial (Malaysia) – Specializing in tube/pipe drawing. Products include aluminium billiard cue, precise tube/pipe-drawing machinery and walking sticks.

Hartmann Cues (Germany) – Cues by Andreas Hartmann (German)

Hercek Fine Billiard Cues – Joel Hercek builds every single cue using the coveted full-splice technique, which is rarely used today due to its time-consumption and difficulty.

Heritage Cues LLC – Quality and craftsmanship you can see.

Hightower Custom Cues – Your premier source for custom cues. Buy one of the already made cues or get one specially made for you.

Hills Cues – Darrin Hill builds custom pool cues from exotic hard woods. For pool players by players. All cues made by hand each one of a kind. Cue collectors also like the attention to detail and quality product we produce.

Hitt Cues – Hand built custom cues.

Hot Shot Cues – A mechanical cue. Pull the trigger and watch it shoot.

Hunt & Osborne Cues (United Kingdom) – We are a small business specialising in the manufacture of handmade cues for snooker & pool. We have been making custom made cues for 15 years, & have built a reputation for quality craftsmanship & good customer service.

Hunter Classics Custom Cues – Custom cues by Wes Hunter. Although Wes strives for artistic character in all his cues, playability is the utmost priority.

Hurricane Cues – Custom cues by James Spach.


Instroke Cues

J. Baker Custom Cues – Where beauty and precision come together.

J. Pechauer Custom Cues – Jerry and his son Joe, play an active role in the hand-crafting process that each cue receives to insure the J. Pechauer quality, craftsmanship, and tradition lives on and is passed to the next generation.

Jackson Custom Cue – Manufacturers of fine custom pool cues. A hand made product much like the old cues made twenty and thirty years ago. Like most of the finest cue manufacturers today, Jackson makes a cue with the best possible products available.

Jacoby Custom Cues – Currently, Jacoby Cues has the capacity to make about 1,000 cues per year. Jacoby’s future plans do not include increasing this amount; instead they look to constantly increase quality, performance, and overall value.

Jeff Bell Custom Cues – Custom cue maker and professional repair service. We take pride in custom handcrafting each cue one at a time to the highest quality and standards possible. We truly enjoy taking your designs and bringing them to life.

Jerry Olivier Hand Crafted Custom Cues – Jerry uses only the finest natural materials in the construction of his cues. Ebony, ivory, malachite, birdseye maple, cocobolo, bacote, and injected wildwoods are just a few of the options you can feature in an Oliviér Cue.

Jerry Price Custom Cues – Custom cue builder since 1995. Quality custom cues competitively priced.

Jerry Terbrock Custom Cues – Jerry specializes in high quality handcrafted one of a kind pool cues. Custom-made two-piece cues and jump cues are built with high quality specifications. Collectible, hand made cues for pocket billiards built by a custom cuemaker with high quality.

Jester Jump Cues – Created by Dominic “The Drill Instructor” Esposito. Now you can own the world’s lightest and first “aiming” jump cue.

Jianying Billiards (China) (Chinese, English)

Jim Buss Custom Cues – Jim Buss, known throughout the world as one of the top custom pool cuemakers. Jim is also on the Board of Directors of the American Cuemaker’s Association, was President for 4 years. Run over your opponent with a Buss.

Jim Lee Custom Cues – Traditionally building customs for over 15 years. If you’re looking for the finest quality cue built one at a time that is a true custom cue, we are the one that can build a cue you will be proud of.

JK Queues (Germany) (German)

JL Custom Cues – Offers both the player and collector custom made cues. Our custom work includes exotic woods and specialty inlays. Each pool cue is a work of art and an original.

Joe Johnson Snooker Cues (United Kingdom) – In creating a cue, Joe ensures that every one is made from the finest materials available. The shafts are of the highest quality straight grained mature ash and maple.

John Bender Professional Cues and Cue Repair – Fine custom cues made to order.

John LaLonde Cues – Pool cues made by John LaLonde.

John Madden Cues – My goal is to be the “cuemaker of choice” for anyone buying a stick. All of my cues are carefully handcrafted to meet my customer’s specifications.

John Ross Cues – My name is Max McKee and i’m a novice cue maker. My goals are to make long lasting, good looking and great hitting cues. It will take some time to get the wood flow through the different stages of construction.

Joseph Pechauer Custom Cues – Each cue is comprised of materials such as superior birds-eye maple, ebony or other exotic woods to which hundreds of inlays are added.

Josey Custom Cues – Crafted to meet exacting standards of form and function to produce a cue with superior playability. Custom designs, using inlays such as mother of pearl, exotic woods, and precious stones, assure that each cue is also a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Joss Cues – Offers a vast array of distinctive and truly unique pool cues. Many of these handcrafted cues are “limited editions” and are destined to become a family heirloom cue and quite possibly a valuable antique for future generations.


Judd’s Custom Cues – We make the finest custom cues you can buy.

Kao Kao Industrial Co. (Taiwan) – A manufacturer of billiard accessories, pool cue cases, snooker cues, pool tables, dart board cabinets.

Kawartha Custom Cues (Canada) – If you’re looking for a cue with a lot of inlays, points and fancy ringwork, you are in the wrong place. That’s not my style. My cues get their good looks for the wood that goes in them and they are players cues all the way.

KC Custom Pool Cues

Keith Andy Custom Cues (Japan) (Japanese)

Keith Auld (United Kingdom) – Master Cuemaker. We can supply bespoke custom cues to the UK and worldwide. Buy on-line.

Keith Nickerson Custom Cues – A high quality cue should look good, feel good, and most importantly hit good. If any of these criteria are missing, I simply won’t sell the cue. You can be assured that the best quality possible is the objective of each and every cue I build.

Kendall’s Custom Cues – When quality counts. Handcrafted cues made of the finest materials available. You’ll feel the
difference with every shot, these cue are playable and affordable. I’ve got cues for every skill level, for the beginner’s or the pro’s

Kenneth Murrell Custom Cues – Kenneth Murrell (Kenny to his friends) produces approximately 45 custom cues a year from his one-man shop.

Kenney’s Q – I hand craft each cue to customer satisfaction. Plain cues to points with inlays. I use only the highest quality shaft wood with high growth rings. I offer different joint and shaft tapers depending on the hit you are after.

KF Custom Pool Cues (Taiwan) – High performance pool cues, billiard cues, carom cues, snooker cues for your game since 1970. (Chinese, English)

Kikel Custom Cues – Dave Kikel’s reputation for crafting cues with a sublime combination of beauty and playability has lifted him into the elite ranks of master cuemaker in less than a decade.

Kilby Cues – Since 1987, Ron Kilby has created cues for players of every level. In 1995 he began to focus on carom cues, with their traditional wood-thread joint and characteristics distinct from pool cues.

KJ Cues – Our first priority when building any custom cue is performance. From tip to bumper, every component is selected for it’s qualities and attributes that will enhance and define the hit and playability of the cue.

Klick Custom Cues – Custom pool cue and pool cues built to the player’s specifications. Maker of fine custom pool cues using exotic and domestic wood.

KnobbyCue – They all make’em pretty……..Knobby makes’em win.

Kornele Custom Cues – Steve Kornele, quality custom pool cue maker specializing in ivory cues.

KwikFire Kues – A new brand of cue’s from Professional pool player Kelly Fisher has arrived. The brainchild and nickname of the US Open champion & 6x Snooker World Champion who has also achieved and held the #1 ranking on the WPBA.

Lambros Cues – We believe the best customer is an educated customer. We will provide you with all the information that you need to know about our products and services.

Lanz Custom Cues – Pool cues custom crafted to your discerning specifications. Dick Lanz retired from boilermaking ten years ago and took up making custom pool cues as a hobby. That hobby has now evolved into a viable custom cue business.

Laser Guided Pool Cue (Canada) – This is the regulation-sized and weight pool cue with a built-in laser that provides a precise guide for lining up shots.

Layani Cues (Canada) – The art of precision. We proudly presents a new patented principle of assembly: the conical joint. This new design guarantees perfect coaxial fit between shaft and butt. (English, French)

Lebow Custom Cues – If you are looking for a quality cue that is built to your specs, you have come to the right place…here you can find out about my cues, the prices, what repairs I offer, and lots of info about me.

Linds Customcrafted Cues (Philippines) – A passion started by my late father led me to this endevour/sport we all love “pool-billiards” one of the Philippines finest customcraft engage in cue and billiard table manufacturing.

Line Up Cues (South Africa) – The range of LineUp cues caters for all types of players, from the beginner to the professional; some of the best South African players insist on playing with our cues.

Linear Q – A perfect marriage of conventional pool cue design with ultra-precision linear technology that translates into player accuracy and control like never before.

Lone Star Cues – Custom pool cues made in Texas. Committed to producing high quality cues that are unique in design, have fine workmanship and materials and good playability.

Longoni Cues (Italy) – Italian manufacturer of cues, gloves, and accessories for pool, carom, billiard and pyramid games.

Longoni Lab (Italy) – Longoni’s community website including a forum and upcoming events. (English, Italian)

LP Custom Cues – I build cues the old fashioned way, by hand and one at a time. I found out a long time ago the way a cue is built directly effects the way it hits.

M. Stacey Custom Cues

Mace Cues by Rick Howard – Maker of fine custom pool cues, billiard cues, shaft wood, domestic and exotic wood

Manning Custom Cues – Cliff’s Custom Creations – Cues by Cliff Manning. I strive to make hard hitting cues that are offered at an affordable price. Each cue is not only a one of a kind work of art but also a very well balanced and built weapon.

Mariposa Cues – One-of-a-kind, custom cues hand crafted with great care using only the finest available materials by Kyle Van den Bosch.

Mark Bear Custom Cues – Custom pool cues, cue repairs, and cue accessories.

Mark Smith Custom Cues – Worked by hand for many hours to your specifications. It will not be exactly like a cue owned by anyone else.

Martin Chesworth Snooker Cues (United Kingdom) – We are manufacturers of high quality hand-spliced and machine-spliced snooker cues. We can tailor cues to your exact specifications in terms of length, weight, taper and tip size.

Marton Cues (Hungary) – Represent high competitive quality – by the judgement of professional pool players as well. (English, German, Hungarian)

Martz Custom Pool Cues – Cues by Tony Martzokis. Manufacturers of hand made custom fitted cues.

Master Cue (Thailand) – World class snooker cue, best hand made cue master cue and cases, leading manufacturer of snooker cue in Thailand, world wide export all over the world.

Master Cue (China) (Chinese)

Mastercraft Cues (United Kingdom) – Handmade snooker cues and hand made pool cues.

MasterCue China (China) (Chinese)

Matchplay Cues (United Kingdom) – This site gives you the ability to design your own snooker cue, pool cue, or billiard cue to your specification or you can select from our standard range of snooker cues that can be tailored to your requirements.

McDermott – Star Pool Cues – Get noticed. Be a star.

McDermott Cues – We have consistently raised the performance standards for what billiard players expect from a high performance pool cue. McDermott handcrafts it’s pool cues and shafts, drawing on cutting-edge technology and tasteful designs.

McWorter Custom Cues – The website of Jerry McWorter that features the best in high end & collectable pool cues.

Meister Cues – Master woodworker Fred Meister. My cues enhance your game, no matter your intermediate-to-professional level of play. My sticks look great and don’t require a bank withdrawal to get one, but most importantly, they make your game better.

Meucci Cues – A well-known pool cue and billiard product manufacturer from the United States.

Mezz Cues (Japan) – Miki Co., Ltd., Japan’s foremost cuemaker has been making cues for more than 40 years and takes pride in producing the Mezz brand. Go ahead, take your best shot and see what Mezz Cues can do for your game. (English, Japanese)

Mezz Cues USA

MidWest Custom Cues – Hand-crafted custom pool cues by Steve Morris. We provide personal service and superior quality. We have been in business since 1993. The unparalleled feel, hit, and overall value of MWCC are why our customers won’t go anywhere else.

Mike Becker Queue (Germany) (German)

Mike Casey Custom Cues – Cue sticks, pool cues, billiard cues, custom pool cues handcrafted by master cue maker Mike Casey. Each cue stick is elegantly made from exotic hardwoods using the finest materials available.

Mike Cochran Cues – Mike has been designing and hand crafting custom pool cues since 1984, and is proud to announce his own line of high quality custom pool cues. Mike will only be making 6 cues per year.

Mike Wooldridge Cues (United Kingdom) – Hand made snooker cues, pool cues, billiards cues, cue cases, and cue tips.

Miki Mezz Europe (Japan) – “Mezz” in Japanese means “something that is loved, something that is treasured”. The goal of the Miki Japan company is to make the world’s finest cues. Cues to be treasured by players as well as collectors all around the world.

Mikkelsen Cues (Canada) – With 40 years of playing experience and national and regional titles in 8-ball, 9-ball and snooker to show for it, Bernie Mikkelsen knows how a cue should hit.

Miltonio Cues – I have spent a lifetime of work in the arts and mechanics. This collective experience allows me to make beautiful cues that hit really great. And it truly is a labor of love for me.

MingTian Factory (China) – Professional hardware for cues and handmade snooker cues.

Mitchell Custom Cues – Lee Mitchell is a cuemaker and makes custom cues to your design and specification and produces a about 40 cues a year that he designs himself. Using precision and CNC machines he can create a great looking hitting cue that please anyone.

Mitchell Thomas Custom Pool Cues – Mitchell’s many years of experience crafting custom cabinets and furniture now includes his unique ability to design and construct some of the most visually stunning pool cues available.

Mojo Cues (United Kingdom) – Personalised snooker cues and pool cues. A company based in the UK run by a committed, friendly and determined group of enthusiastic people, who want you to get maximum enjoyment and satisfaction from your pool and snooker playing.

Moon Custom Cues

Morgan Cues (United Kingdom) – Founded by Paul Morgan in 2008. Aim to provide quality cues for any cue sport. We also provide repair services for any type of cue.

Morris Custom Cues – Cues by Ned Morris.

MT Cues – The vision and dream of expert cue maker Mark Theriault, to offer truly unique, hand crafted, high quality
custom cues to players who value high performance playing cues.

MT Custom Cues (Switzerland) – Customizes cues. (French)

Murrell-Harris Cues – Kenny Murrell of Murrell Customs and Robert Harris of Breakpointques have teamed up to form “Murrell-Harris Cues”. While still maintaining their respective businesses, they will be producing 5-10 affordable players cue’s per month.

Mystick Cues – Cues with a difference you can measure.

Nelson Custom Cues – Hand crafted cues by Mark Nelson. Cues, quality pool sticks, billiards, pool cues, and more.

Nelson Custom Cues (Canada) – Highest quality custom cues at a reasonable price.
Nick Varner’s Signature Series Cues and Cases – We started Nick Varner Cues and Cases in 1999.

Nieman Cues – The idea of Nieman Cues began with a love of woodworking combined with a love of the game of pool.

Nighthawk Cues – I have made it my goal to provide the best and quickest service around at the best price at you can find.

Nitti Custom Billiard Cues – Quality custom made pool cues by Chris Nitti.

NixStixx – We trigger innovation. The first mechanical pool cue that actually works.

North West Cues (United Kingdom) – Makers of quality snooker and pool cues.

Norwela Custom Cues by Jim Griffin – From my hands to yours. Maker of pool cues from 1993 to present.

OB Cues – That’s right. We’re not just shafts anymore. Featuring “FLC” and “AWS” technology.

O’Connor Cues – For his sixth birthday, Thomas O’Connor asked for a pool cue. The receipt of that cue has shaped the next forty years of Tom’s life. His avocation has become his vocation.

Odom Cues – Have your own custom pool cue built today…contact OdomCues.com and I’ll do the rest. Simply one of the best hand built custom cues.

Olhausen Pool Cues

Oliver Stops Original Cue Manufaktur (Germany) (German)

Omega Cues

Omen Custom Cues – Specializes in creating exceptional, one-of-a-kind custom cues based on the customer’s specifications. These handcrafted two-piece cues begin with a commitment to perfection using the highest quality components available.

O’Min Cues Thailand (Thailand) (Thai)

O’Min Snooker Cues & Accessories (Malaysia) – Snooker news, tournaments, training, learning, players.

Osarah Custom Cues – Founded in the year 2000. I take much pride and time in my work.

Pancerny Custom Cues – Custom cue building and professional cue repair since 1996.

Pardus Custom Cues (Turkey) – Best quality hand made pool and carom cues. The workshop of old time craftsmanship, where billiards meet the art and woods have spirit. Everyone in the workshop is also a player, that’s why we work on each cue as unique.

Paris Cues (United Kingdom) – Hand made snooker cues. We combine traditional methods with the best that machinery and technology can offer, without sacrificing quality materials. We have a wide range of prefessional snooker cues made to your specification.

Parris Cues (United Kingdom) – Hand made snooker cues, as used by many top professionals. Cues, cases, info, pictures and more.

Patrick Custom Cues – Custom cues by Doug Patrick. My cue’s are custom built one at a time. Not production cues. I do all the work on each and every cue.

Paul Harrison Custom Cues – Swords of distinction

Paul Mottey Custom Cues – Custom made pool cues from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania cue maker Paul Mottey.

Paul Rubino Custom Cues – Author of the Billiard Encyclopedia. A machinist for over 20 years. Today his skills are in use crafting handmade custom cues as well as restoring antique cues using old-world methods.

Penrose Cues (Netherlands) – Custom made cues and cue repairs. Like mother nature I use precision, passion and patience to create my work. (Dutch, English, French)

Peradon Cues (United Kingdom) – Founded in 1885 Peradon, now based in Liverpool England, we are the world’s longest established cue manufacturing company who were responsible for the introduction of the handspliced cue. Setting the standards for others to follow.

Perry Weston Cues – Maker of fine custom pool cues, billiard cues, shaft wood, domestic and exotic wood, and custom cue building lathes & inlay machines.

Peter Hanley Cues (United Kingdom) – I have been making cues for 20 years and they are used by top level players both here and overseas.

Phillippi Custom Cues

Phillips Custom Cues – Custom cues by Robert Phillips. A commitment to excellence.

Picone Cues – Building fine quality cues since 1985.

PlainJane Custom Hit Cues – Cues by David Welsh. I do not make cues that look machine perfect. My cues are made from scratch with hand-operated equipment. My goal is to build a quality-hitting cue that still looks hand made.

Pneu-Power Cues – The first and only Xtreme cue stick on the market today. It is pneumatically (high pressure air or co2) activated.

Poison Billiards – Pool cues and shafts.

PowerGlide (United Kingdom) – Champions testify to the enduring excellence of our cues, and this completely revised and updated range combines the latest manufacturing technology with long experience and a real understanding of the exacting requirements of top players.

Prather Cues – A world leader in custom cues, cue components, Irish linen, and exotic woods.

Predator Cues – A high quality pool cue manufacture has led the billiard industry’s technological evolution since its inception in 1994. (English, French, Korean, Spanish)

Primo Custom Cues – We’re always happy to make a cue just for you. Whether it’s your first cue, or your next playing cue we’ll be happy to work with you in building your cues.

QP Custom Cues (Philippines) – The choice of the connoisseur. Functional art in a pool cue. Designs and creates the world’s best looking, and best hitting pool cues, with less deflection and more spin than anybody else in the world. The only American building cues in the Philippines. (Chinese, English)

Quest Cue Sticks – In business since 01 January 2005, our mission is to provide the best the best product possible and to treat each customer as a priority.

Q-Werks Cues

Rauenzahn Custom Cues – Fine wood, exquisite taste, precision craftsmanship, and majestic art are standard equipment.

Raven Custom Cues – Specializes in high quality handcrafted one of a kind pool cues. Custom-made two-piece cues are built to our exacting specifications.

Rays Lin Custom Cues (Taiwan) – Rays makes less than 50 pool cues per year. Most of his cues sold in Taiwan, a lot of the top player use Rays cues here. If you are looking for pool cues, Rays can provide fancy and great playing cues.

RD Custom Cues – Quality, affordability, and performance. That’s what you find in our cues. Dedicated in providing you the very best in custom cues. Rodney Davis Sr. is the owner and cue builder. Attention to detail is given to each and every RD Custom Cue.

Reddog Cues & Accessories – Handcrafted, naturally balanced cues designed and manufactured by a 35 year student of the game. Reddog uses only the finest quality materials tocreate unique cues to your specifications. These cues are hand turned – no production lines here.

Reeves Custom Cues & Cue Repair – Quality you can depend on. Prices you can afford.

Richard Black Custom Cues – Custom crafted cues by world renowned cuemaker Richard Black. He possesses a gift – an artist’s eye for color and form and a no-holds-barred imagination.

Richard Chudy Custom Cues – You will see new examples of ‘classic style’ cues as well as new albums of cues organized into groups by design.

Richmond Cues (Philippines) – Finest manufacturer of handcrafted pool and billiard cues. Every cue is meticulously designed and hand crafted under the direct supervision of the original “Richmond” family.

RJH Custom Cues – Custom cues by Richard Hsu.

Robertson Custom Cues – Maker of fine custom cues.

Robin Cues (United Kingdom) – Making, repairing and altering snooker, billiards, and pool cues for over 20 years.

Robinson Cues – A unique handcrafted design with the emphasis on quality.

Rocket Cues – Built by a player for a player. Cues by John Rocker.

Rogai (Italy) – The production is completely handicraft, each section and detail is made and tested in our labs. Each component wood of the shaft is selected with care and entirely threaded inside in order to guarantee an extraordinary firmness and to last in time.

Ron Haley – Ron prefers to make one-of-a-kind cues in his own design. Ron makes all of his own parts, and makes about 16 cues per year.

Roy Patton Custom Cues

S & S Cues – Each beautiful, naturally weighted cue is turned on the lathe in our shop with the points meticulously cut in by hand. We use only the best imported woods.

Samsara Cues – Home of the best woodworkers in the pool and billiard industry. Specializing in high quality professional custom pool cues that are unique in design and performance.

Sasaki Cues (Japan) – Hand crafted professional custom cues by Hiroshi Sasaki. (English, Japanese, Korean)
SC Custom Cues – Custom cues by Stephen Coffee. I have been doing cue repairs for over 10 years and have been building cues for over 3 years.

Schmelke Cues – Break with the best. (English, Japanese, Spanish)

Schon Custom Cues – Custom pool and billiard cues. We are one of the oldest custom cuemakers in the world with a total staff today of 5 people.

Schuler Legacy Cues – Manufacture of custom pool and carom cues.

Scorpion Cues – Armor protected with fiberglass to provide protection against warping and dings. Developed especially for the four-time world champion, Johnny Archer the “Le Pro” tips supply increased control and Irish linen wraps reduce slipping while in stroke.

Scot Sherbine Cues – Proficient Billiards

Searing Cues

Seymour Billiards (Germany) (German)

Shaman Cues – Quality since 1992. Cues by Robert W. Smith.

Shannon Custom Cues – An up and coming cue maker in the Salinas Valley area of Northern California. His current production output is only about 25 cues per year from his one-man shop. Biography found at Wolfbite Cue Solutions.

Shark Professional Breaking Cue Stick – The most outstanding feature of this hand crafted masterpiece is its deep, dark ebony construction with the utmost in artistic design inlays made of precious ivory and curly maple.

Sherm Custom Billiard Cues – I started my “cuesmithing” over 15 years ago. I’ve always been fascinated with the sport of billiards and came to the conclusion that I had much more talent in cuemaking than playing the game itself.
Showcase Custom Cues & Shafts – Cues featuring the Tru-Hit shaft, including jump and break cues.

Showman Cues – John L. Showman is a talented craftsman who focus his abilities and experts in the art of creating handcrafted custom cues. Among John’s other talents, he knows how to paint and draw.

Shurtz Custom Cues – We have been making cues since 1983 in the heartland of our country, and we are a proud member of the American Cuemakers Association. It is our goal to make each customer a cue that is not only strikingly handsome but has a pro quality hit.

Sickles Custom Cues – Custom cues by Jim Sickles. Best hit for the money, and these cues are a great value. Cuemaker only making 5-10 cues a year, with superb workmanship.

Sima Cues
– Custom cue and pool stick maker Mike Sima. Professional cue maker for 16 years.

Simmons Custom Cues – My cues are made out of exotic wood of your choice cored with spliced hard rock maple to prevent warping.

SmartCue (Taiwan)
– Need a particular pool cue design for your local market? Want quality products with amazing performance to dazzle your customers? Thanks to our outstanding R and D and attentive customer service, SmartCue can deliver.

Smeraldi Cues – Both domestic and imported woods are used to give each cue the look and feel the discerning pool player expects. As a pool player myself, I value not only the look of the cue but, more importantly, how well the cue plays.

Smith Handcrafted Custom Cues – My name is Howard Smith. I am a cue maker. I make handcrafted custom billiard cues. I would like to make one just for you.

South East Cues – Every cue is reflection of cue master Nat Green’s years of experience and uncompromising dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

South West Cues – A tribute to Jerry Franklin.
Stamford Cuemakers (United Kingdom) – Traditionally hand made snooker cues and leather cases crafted to the highest standards for today’s snooker professionals including Peter Ebdon and Ding Junhui.

Stealth Cues – Has emerged as a powerhouse in the billiards industry, introducing a number of innovative products since its inception in 1992.

Steve Klein Custom Cues – Specializing in custom designed, one of a kind cues. Incorporating ebony, ivory and birdseye maple. Spliced points and veneers our specialty.

Steve Lomax Custom Cues

Stinger JumpBreak Cue – Beat people with a stick.

Stoltman’s Custom Cues and Repairs – Don’t get busted with a shady cue. With 17 years in the billiards industry and 8 years as a cue repair specialist you are guaranteed quality work at a fair price.
Super Flash Billiard Cues (Turkey) – The best and the first billiard cues manufacturer in Turkey. (English, Turkish)

Tacos MD (Argentina) (Spanish)

TC Custom Cues (France) – French cuemaking. (English, French)

Teague Custom Cues

TechWood Billiards – Develops, produces and sells highly wrap-resistant billiards cues. The core of our cues are made with wood, fiberglass are cover over the wood and wood cover over the fiberglass again.

Ted Harris Custom Cues – Custom cues by Ted Harris, cuemaker offering custom made pool cues, pool sticks, cue sticks, billiard cues, and exotic cues. Expert professional cue repair available.

Terminator Shafts by Arnot Q – For your custom pool cue, billiards cue or break cue. This laminated shaft reduces
cue ball deflection and helps your pool game.

Therrien Cues – Custom products and premium repair.

Thomas Cues – Welcome to the home of unique cues handcrafted by the Thomas’. Our website is dedicated to the cuemaker’s art and all the players and collectors who love handcrafted cues that are beautiful and unique.

Tibbitts Custom Cues

Tiger Professional Cues – Manufacturer of fine pool & billiard products. Where craftsmanship & technology unite.

Tim Prince Cues – I hand pick all the woods and inlay materials that go into my cues. I am very picky when it comes to the materials that I use. I build roughly 40 cues a year, mostly spliced pointed cues. Profile from Wolfbite Cue Solutions.

Tim Scruggs Custom Cues – Legendary quality & workmanship.

TimO Cues – Custom cues and cue repair by Dan O’Brien.

TK Scruggs Custom Cues – Our point is…perfection. All of our custom cues are designed and hand crafted by Tom and Kim Scruggs.

TNS Custom Cues – Serious cues for serious players by Tommy Migliore. Our goal here is to provide avid poolplayers with the top-level of custom poolsticks – regardless of time for development, and not wavering due to cost feasibility.

Tom Reed Custom Cues – A cue design that focuses first and foremost on a solid hitting playability using both exotic and native woods for aesthetic appeal. Tom’s cues are some of the most beautiful and unusual in the billiards industry, due to combinations of woods and designs.

Tonkin Custom Cues – One of one high end hand built. The best hitting and playing there is.

Tony Wilshaw Cues (United Kingdom) – Renowned for producing high quality hand-made cues to the customers’ own exclusive specifications. The company was founded in 1985 and has since catered for many top professional players.

Tricues (United Kingdom) – The patented cues have a triangular barrel which aid the player in producing a true shot when sliding the cue through the bridge hand.

Triple Cross Cues – Designed and constructed by a player, for players. Consistency is the most important issue in billiard sports.

TT Custom Cues – My name is Tom Trott. In this site you will find an array of custom one-off cues that I have personally handcrafted. These custom cues are made from the finest exotic woods and use a variety of inlay and ring work.

Tucker Cue Works – Building cues the traditional way is my hobby and passion.

Turner Custom Cues – Hand built at my personal shop in Moses Lake, Washington. Each cue is individually built to meet my customer’s exact requirements.

Uncle Larry Custom Cues – Larry Mohr produces some very sweet cues in his one-man shop in Northern California. He only makes between 12-20 custom cues per year and they’re highly sought after by local players in the Bay Area. Biography found at Wolfbite Cue Solutions.

Universal Smartshaft – Combines cutting-edge technology and versatility, giving you more control than ever before. Used by Pros Thorsten Hohman and Sarah Ellerby.

Valley Pool Cues – With quality design and durability that’s unmatched in the industry, Valley’s cue sticks are the industry standard.

Van Hirtum Custom Cues – Cue maker Len Van Hirtum. Leonard (Len) is an up and coming cue maker. His current production output is about 75 to 125 cues per year.

Van Hirtum Custom Cues – Cue maker Len Van Hirtum. We manufacture and repair billiard and pool cues. We also manufacture maple shafts for cues. Our private line of Bobcat Cues are exceptional bargains and perform well. We carry a varied line for all of our customers.

Vigor Shaft by KF Cues (Taiwan) – High performance shaft, high-quality pool shaft.

Viking Cue – Manufactures top quality pool cues that are sure to improve your game. Our 43 years of experience, continuous manufacturing improvement, and cutting-edge machine technology are what makes a Viking cue the best pool cue you can own.

Vollmer Custom Cues (Germany) – Professional custom cues since 1993. Made out of the finest timber and under adherence of the strictest choice- and processing criteria every cue is a high grade unique specimen which will accompany the player along his way in sport. (English, German)

Wade Custom Cues – Custom cues by Ronnie Wade. Hand made one at a time using tradional short splice techniques. All cues start out from selected squares of highly figured exotic hardwoods that have been properly seasoned.
Wattana Cue (Thailand) – Cue to perfection. High end cues made from the highest quality materials in a piece of art, straight grained matured shafts, solid African ebony butt , rare and fascinating exotic wood splices and the vacuum joint

Wayne Ball’s “Killer” Cues – Wayne Ball does all work himself including inlays and restorations.

Wayne Custom Cues – Custom pool cues by Wayne Holmes, a 2nd generation cue maker. Where quality is not just a goal…it’s a requirement.

Welsh Pool Trading (Wales) – Suppliers of pool and snooker equipment. We also have our own range of UK handmade cues of the highest quality and at great value for money.

Weston Cues – Custom cues by Perry Weston.

Wheat Cues – Custom cues by Eddie Wheat.

Whisler Custom Cues – Scott Whisler has been crafting cues in Arizona for over a decade. His cues are constructed from raw materials, not pre-assembled parts. He is one of the few remaining cue makers that make cues that contain veneered, spliced/structural points.

WilleeCue – First class custom pool cues and exclusive pens. Made from the best materials with high quality decoration and finishing at affordable prices.

Wilson Custom Cues – Cues by Adam Wilson. Builds all types of custom cues. We do all types of cue repair including joint repair. We also move, recover and repair your tables. Let us help you with your cue or table needs today.

Woodworth Q’s – Quality custom pool cues built by Woody Woodworth.

WORX Custom Cues (Philippines) – Strive to be as unpretentious, beautiful and precise as the art of the game itself.

Wutke Custom Cues (Canada) – Home of custom made two piece snooker and pool cues since 1982.

Yingling Custom Cues & Repair – Cues by Mike Yingling. Hand crafted with the same passion that you play your game.

You Need a Break! (Stick) – The investment in a break cue or a jump cue can be one of the best investments for a serious pool player.

Zac Cues (Canada) – Each cue is hand crafted, and one of a kind. They all share one thing in common, however. Every cue is designed and built to ensure the utmost playability.

Zak’s Custom Cues (Australia) – Handcrafted custom designed pool cues just for you…naturally.

Zidek Cues (Czech Republic) (Czech)

Zimmerman Custom Cues – Custom cues and repairs by Cue Maker Michael Zimmerman, “Zim”

Zinzola Custom Cues – Tony Zinzola has been making cues out of his one man shop in Marlborough Massachusetts since January of 2007. He is currently producing approximately 25-50 cues per year.