Ping Pong Tables

We TYPICALLY to carry a large selection of Commercial, Consumer and Professional Competition Ping Pong, Table Tennis tables YET due to the Pandemic ALL MANUFACTUERS ARE SLOW IN PRODUCTION AND THERE ARE LONGER THAN USUAL LEAD TIMES.

In addition to lack of availability, there has been a dramatic rise in cost and pricing from ALL of the manufacturers and because of LOW COST ON LINE retailers we can no longer compete to offer deals as we have in the past. ALL of the manufacturers for ping pong tops have raised prices on not only the tables themselves yet for freight/shipping and handling and as a result of that there is no room for profit for us as a small business.  Presidential Billiards and Brunswick offer low cost INDOOR ping pong table tennis tables and we will supply those tables once they are available and in stock again, yet are pricing will reflect fees for shipping/handling and assembly and or delivery.  Please note that Brunswick has stepped up to state on their website that they impose a $250 fee for table tennis tables.

We continue to offer your best VALUE FOR YOUR DOLLAR for CONVERSION PING PONT TABLE TENNIS TOPS for Pool Tables that we sell for $399.00 + Tax AND AS WE HAVE FOR THE PAST TEN YEARS at the same price even after all of the manufacturers have RAISED prices. We will continue to stock the conversion tops so call if you are interested.






  • JOOLA®’s Conversion Top features
  • Fits Billiard Tables up to 9’
  • Soft EVA Foam Back Padding (to protect Billiard Table)
  • Stores and Sets up with Two Pieces
  • Net Set Included

Please call us for more information on our Ping Pong tables.   Also be sure to ask about our package deals!!!!  Call now at 1-408-726-7475.