Cue Stick Repair

We do all types of cue stick service and repair, from replacing tips to repairing shafts and collars.  We replace ferruls and shape, burnish, customize and treat your cue to your specification.  We also do custom wraps and repair.

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We repair, restore, condition and re-tip (replace) tips and ferrules.

Re-tip, tip replacements are $7 for an Elk Master, $11 for a LePro and $15 for a Triangle tip. We will clean and condition the cue with all replacements. Call for other tips we CARRY MANY IN STOCK. We carry all types of tips: ElkMaster, LePro, Master Triangle, Kamui (NEW CLEAR), Moori, Tiger Onyx and more! CALL US AT 1-408-559-6002 to get more information!



We also do custom engraving!


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CALL US AT 1-408-559-6002 to get more information!