Cue Stick Repair

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The services prices below are for standard cue shaft service and repair. Please note that additional cost may incur for
vintage cues, custom cues, carbon fiber, fiberglass, carbon, phenolic, diamond wood or Revo shafts and cues. We suggest you send images and then contact us to discuss then bring in items to get a firm quote. Please keep in mind we try and complete work based on a first in first out schedule and we need at least 24 hours for most tip work given glue curing and best quality drying time. We also prefer not to rush on any job as it will only detriment the quality of work. Prices below reflect standard cue repair pricing, yet are subject to specific work as you need to bring it in to get a firm quote. Call 408-559-6002 or send images to that number for a quote or to discuss cue service work.

$10.00 Install new tip (with purchase of tip, FREE with purchase of $25 or higher tip)
$10.00 Install new tip (customer provided)
$40.00 Install new linen ferrule Includes Lepro Tip
$40.00 Install specialty brand tip (McDermott, Lucasi, Muecci, etc.) as long as it is not a hollow low deflection.
$60.00 Replace Tenon / Install Linen Ferrule
$200.00 Completely refinish linen cue or handle wrap cue (NOT TOUCHING WRAP OR LINEN)
$160.00 Completely refinish no-wrap cue
$25.00 Recondition shaft (remove dents & clean)
$10.00 Clean shaft
$20.00 Straighten shaft (has to be within .020)
$20.00 Reface joint of cue
$45.00 Turn down shaft up to 1 mm
$100.00 Install new linen wrap
$40.00 Re-glue joint pin

Re-tip, tip replacements are $7 for an Elk Master, $11 for a LePro and $15 for a Triangle tip. We will clean and condition the cue with all replacements. Call for other tips we CARRY MANY IN STOCK. We carry all types of tips: ElkMaster, LePro, Master Triangle, Kamui (NEW CLEAR), Moori, Tiger Onyx and more! CALL US AT 1-408-559-6002 to get more information!



We also do custom engraving!


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