Nikki 12/6/2018

Super thankful for all the amazing customer service provided by Jerry, Ruben and the team at CA Billiard Supply. Not only do these guys know pool, they go above and beyond to make sure you get what you’re looking for. I’ve bought multiple cues and a table from them. The install process was awesome, couldn’t be happier.

Francisco F. 7/7/18

Looked around everywhere for pool table and found best deal with Jerry and Ruben. They were very helpful in getting exactly what I wanted to fit my game room. Now my family and I are very happy with the purchase and will definitely be returning for anything else needed. Highly recommend coming here for all your man cave or gamer oom products.

Luis H. 2/27/18

If you want advice on purchasing a pool table, or what kind of cue you should get, or anything in that nature, Len’s is the place to go. I’ve been to a few places over the last few years, some good, and some just straight rude. I know that if you’re a beginner, you might be a little shy at first, and might not feel comfortable asking questions you have in your head, and it’s a little intimidating when you’re talking to pool sharks, or pool “snobs.” I bought my first breaking cue from these guys, and I was in the shop for about an hour before I walked out. I asked every question in the book, and not once did I feel like Ruben or his staff members were rude. They were very informative, and made me feel comfortable the entire time. From that point on – I’ve been buying things left and right, and I always leave with a smile. There’s been situations where my girlfriend had to go in and pick up some stuff for me, and she’s kind of on the shy side, so it wasn’t easy for me to get her to go in for me, but again – these guys made her feel comfortable, and welcomed.  I can now say I consider these guys like family – always there to help me/answer any questions I have, and the work they did so far on my table, and viking stick is top notch. Lastly, I was going nuts deciding on what table I should by through Craigslist, because I couldn’t afford a new one, and it was down right discouraging. I didn’t feel comfortable buying a table unless I talked to Ruben or Jerry about it, and they were always really honest with me, and never made me feel like they were just trying to get me to buy a table from them. Ruben noticed how frustrated/discouraged I was feeling after he told me the tables I found were no good, and it was only going to cost me more in the end, so he made one phone call that saved me from the hell no it is when looking for used tables. We were able to work out a deal, and four days later I had a team come to my house and install the table in less than 4 hours.

These guys are the hands down the best in the area, and a solid group of guys. I highly recommend you stopping by and taking a look – you won’t regret it.

Beverly A. 5/25/2017

Bought a cheap pool table on Craigslist and went to this store to find a brush to clean the felt since Sears and Big 5 did not have good reviews for their billiards accessories. We ended up buying all the accessories we needed since the price was lower that what I researched online and they also had everything. We ended up getting a vinyl pool table cover, beautiful pool sticks, a cheater stick, a cue tip scuffer,  chalk holder, a composite triangle, brass holder for the triangle, wall rack to hold the pool sticks, a measles cue ball, and the brush.

Ruben’s customer service was absolutely phenomenal, he is a very good listener and did not try to push any sale. He answered all my dumb questions and thoroughly explained everything so that we could make an informed decision on each of our purchase. He explained the differences in the quality of the pool sticks, balls, and pool covers and what makes them better and which is recommended. We even got to test some sticks out in the beautiful tables in the shop. He gave us some shooting tips & tricks and educated us on some pool theory that blew my mind and made me want to step my game up and read some books.

We will definitely come back to get our balls shinned, cues re tipped, and one day get the more expensive sticks, a bag for the sticks, a break cue, the best ball set and possibly a new table or felt repaired. They also teach lessons which I think would be a really fun. As for price, everything we purchased was affordable and better than buying online. Cash is preferred. Also I wish I would have brought my balls and shitty sticks to get them cleaned and repaired.

Kevin H. 1/16/2017

Came here to look for a nice table within a difficult budget range and was not disappointed! From the moment we walked in to the moment we walked out, my family and I received quality service worthy of more than 5 simple stars. Although we ended up not purchasing a table here, they left me with the impression of such great service that I will DEFINITELY be coming here for all my accessory needs.

Scott C. 1/22/2017

I finally decided to step up from the hall cue sticks to my own shooting cue. Today, I went in to CBS with a more experienced player friend whom helped me try a few sticks in a price range I feel is appropriate for me now. The guys in the shop were just awesome answering questions, describing how they customize weighting according to the options available in each model type, and how they service cue sticks for customers. This was an absolutely outstanding experience using the sticks on the practice table, narrowing my decision based on feel, my current skill level and where I want to develop, and other factors. After 1.5 hours I walked out with a cue stick that feels just exactly perfect and that I think I will be pleased to use for years to come. I will definitely be back to CBS for supplies and service. These guys are great.

Steve D. 2/28/2017

Probably the best billiards store in the Bay Area! I came in yesterday to buy a cue and shaft. I’m a beginner and didn’t know what to buy and Jerry and Ruben gave effort in helping me pick out the right cue and shaft. Really professional customer service and really affordable price and deal.

Tommy V 1/12/2017

For the past few days my interest in pool had come back to me, and I wanted to get back into the game. I had spent countless hours researching cue ball techniques, which type of pool cue to get as far as weight and grip and tips are concerned. I had purchased a pool cue online, but it just didn’t seem right, even though my intentions were to avoid going to a shop and be up sold on “stuff” I don’t actually need. I have had a pool cue for around 11 years, but had barely been used. It was a gift ,but had a bend in the shaft, and the quality of the shaft wasn’t as exquisite as a $200 cue.

So today I decided to go in with the intention of only getting a new tip and getting the shaft straightened out. I knew I was going to get up sold on something because its a business and thats how most business function these days, so I was prepared to say no to a bunch of “stuff” offered to me. I walked in and was greeted, and told him my situation. Immediately he took a look at my pool cue, and saw that it was a cheaper model, but instead of telling me what to get, he complimented my cues best assets, and told me to stick with what I have for now, and to just replace the shaft. He showed me countless examples of how one cue differs from the next, he showed me the science and technology going into the new cues and why they are so much better, yet he was content on me keeping what I had and to keep practicing until it was time for me to step up a notch.

After screwing the new shaft for me, he took me to another room which had a pool tables with balls and showed me tips and tricks, he showed me why the shaft performed better, he showed me why the new tip that came with the shaft was better. He then allowed me to stay in the room by myself and play against another person who was already there.

I was not expecting my experience to go as well as it did, the man helping me was very knowledgeable and seemed to enjoy explaining every detail to me, and I was not bored in fact it made me want to play even more and get better so I could come back and invest in my skills that I will be working on.

I highly recommend this place to any beginner thats like me, or even intermediate or experienced players. Overall, had a fantastic experience and will definitely be back!

Mitchell N. 12/1/2015

This was my first time going to a pool and billiards shop. My experience here has been absolutely amazing. I came in to buy a cue stick. Ruben was extremely helpful. He even taught me a couple tricks in billiards. I walked out very satisfied and I will only go here for my billiards needs.