Pool Lessons

We provide lessons for beginners to experts in our retail store and at remote locations and businesses. Our certified instructors have experience in training and providing very simple to complex curriculum for all ages.

Whether you need tips on your form, stance, general playing or just want to become more consistent or proficient, we can help you improve your game! The lessons taught are the exact curriculum that will enable you to become an instructor if you care to enroll and follow the entire course and be tested in San Francisco to achieve a certification status in billiards instruction.

Classes are $50 per hour for each lesson. You will receive course lesson plans (printed course material covered) and 1:1 instruction. Most classes are 1:1 or in couples if requested. For an added fee we will accommodate family lessons for an entire family of up to 6 people.

Our certified instruction teaches classes on Saturdays, by appointment only. Call n advance and sign up now! (408)726-7475.

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We will be providing sample video of our classes in the near future stay tuned!!


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The following materials are course materials and curriculum.

The game of 8 ball
1st hour
•Table info
•Cue info
•Proper grip
•Open bridge
•Standard operating process
•Eye pattern
•Strait shot alignment drill

2nd hour
•Stroke speed drills
•Cue ball control
•Points of aim on cue ball
•Stopping cue ball
•Pocketing object ball full length
•Follow shot

3rd hour
•Cue tip maintenance
•Cue ball control
•Cue point of aim on cue ball
•Stopping cue ball after pocketing object ball full length of table at each diamond
•Reversing cue ball after pocketing object ball
•Drill on reversing cue ball
•Handling cue on short shots
• bridge
• close rail shot
• shooting over a ball

4th hour
Cue aiming method
5 major angles
Drills on all 5 angles

5th hour
•Tangent line
•Cue ball control
Angle shots using top, center & low contact for cue ball placement
•Setting up shots

6th hour
Review overall progress

7th hour
Coach a practice rack